The 3 Horizons of Innovation

The different roads to innovation are explained by the framework of the Three Horizons of Innovation.

Horizon 1 and Horizon 2 mostly serve as an 'innovation of the current or the past'.

These types of innovation are essential in achieving continuous future innovation, Horizon 3.

The Three Horizons are as following:

Business as usual with focus on improving efficiency. Its goal is to optimize existing products or services. We call this Sustaining Innovation. The product development processes used for this type of innovation are: Lean Startup, Waterfall and Agile.

Disrupting existing markets.

Disruptive Innovation disrupts and subverts existing markets by bringing new technology or processes to the marketplace. It creates new markets and values, as opposed to Sustaining Innovation. A good example would be the iPhone, that disrupted the mobile phone industry. Work methods are: Design Thinking and Lean Startup.

Aspirations for the future. The third horizon is about Transformative Innovation, where the focus lies on a fundamental shift towards a viable new dominant system. For this type of innovation, we use the Agile and Lean Startup methods.



  • Digital Revolution
  • Importance of Innovation
  • Rise of Startups
  • Lean Startup Methodology
  • Customer Development
  • Customer Discovery
  • Customer Jobs
  • Value Proposition Design
  • Introduction Experiment Design
  • Build experiment based on landing page
  • Target Customer via Facebook ads
  • Put real life experiment online


  • Business Model Canvas
  • Why, What & How Experiment Design
  • Identify hypotheses
  • Identify riskiest assumptions
  • Experiment Design examples
  • Analyse results experiment (data)
  • Validate hypotheses
  • Analyse and reintegrate learnings
  • Introduction of Pivots
  • Prototypes / Minimum Viable Products
  • Redefine Personas & Customer Jobs
  • Tools for quick low budget experiments
  • Startup Team: Agile/SCRUM/WoW (light)




After completing the bootcamp training, we send all participants a certified certificate at the office, offered by Startupbootcamp, Innoleaps and The Talent Institute. This document will be personally signed by Roderik Hageman, Co-Founder of The Talent Institute.


Joey Davelaar

Growth & Sales Manager